Der Gude Guide – Your tourist guide in Hamburg

Florian Gude- Your tourist guide in Hamburg

For many years I have been thrilling visitors about my home town Hamburg.

I am fully qualified as tourist guide by the Hamburg Chamber of Tourism as well as the German National Tourist Guide Association.

About myself:

What if someone had been drawing city plans since he has been 15 years of age?

What if someone’s dream had always been to become a City Planner or Ambassador?

What if someone voluntarily devours all publications about Hamburg -off-and online?

What if someone “lives” Hamburg ?

What if someone always gets an incredible postitive feedback from his guests?

What if someone wants to make his guests fall in love with Hamburg?

… and when his family name resembles the German word for good (gut) = Gude

Well, it has to be his vocation to bring one of the world’s finest cities closer to travelers and visitors alike.

Hartlich willkomen!(Welcome) – with your tourist guide in Hamburg

I also have all necessary contacts to organise all different kinds of trips to explore Hamburg.

Whether on foot, by boat, by bike, by bus…you name it, and I will arrange everything for you.

PS: Platt snacken do ik ok! Jüstso as engelsch un franzeusch. I speak fluent English. Je parle francais couramment.

Hamburg fascinating and exciting

Whether it is the big hitters such as the landing piers (Landungsbrücken), the Elbe Philharmonic Hall (Elbphilharmonie), the Warehouse District (Speicherstadt) or the Reeperbahn (amusement district) or the hidden gems…Hamburg is full of history and stories. The city’s numerous waterways and rivers are also one of the many attractions that draw visitors from near and far. For international visitors it might also be of interest to know that Hamburg was once the top European port for emigrants destined for the new world. You see, there is so much to discover. Let us show you our City and explore it together!